Artist’s Statement

Artists-StatementMy goal is to create work that speaks to the transcendental aspects of Truth, Beauty, and Goodness that surround us every day. They are built into the very fabric of creation and throughout human history we have expressed them in the stories we tell and the art we create. The myths, legends, and folktales that are part of our human experience are attempts to articulate these transcendental qualities and I draw on them to create works of beauty that point to the source of all that is True, Good, and Beautiful.

Inspired by the artists of America’s “Gilded Age,” my work is rich in detail, color, and symbolism, inviting the viewer to explore the layers of meaning within each work and meditate upon the Truth behind the image.

In the production of my work I employ software that allows me to merge traditional painting techniques with the latest technology resulting in a style that spans the centuries. This approach allows me the freedom to focus on the imagery being created. As such, the majority of my work is produced in the form of archival pigment prints, the modern successor to copperplate engraving and stone lithographs.

Through years of study in the richness and purpose of art as it is employed to serve the human community, I have become well versed in the topic of art and faith and am a frequent keynote speaker on these topics.

My work is sold to collectors throughout the world with whom I maintain contact through my website, shows, books and articles which reflect upon the role of art in our lives and the potential within each one of us.